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  1. She also has heeling tanks which can be filled and emptied with seawater in turn to rock the ship to widen the channel.
  2. Her large heeling tanks and one fuel tank were converted to storage tanks for recovered oil with a combined capacity of 2, 033 cubic meters.
  3. Six double-bottom tanks were converted from bunker to ballast water tanks while nine wing tanks were converted from ballast to heavy fuel oil and two to dedicated heeling tanks.
  4. Her hull was of unprecedented strength and structural integrity, with a relatively short length in proportion to the great power developed, a cut away forefoot, rounded bottom, and fore, aft and side heeling tanks.
  5. She was the RCN's first fully diesel-electric vessel, with six 2000 HP engine / generators driving a 5, 000 SHP motor on each shaft . " Labrador " was equipped with starboard and port heeling tanks with 40, 000 gallons per minute transfer capability, which facilitated icebreaking operations.
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  7. When heavy loads are being lifted, a heeling tank is used to balance the vessel . " S . A . Agulhas II " is the first ship of her kind to be allowed to carry both passengers and fuel, such as polar diesel, Jet A helicopter fuel and petrol, as cargo.

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