heeling sports limited in a sentence

  1. Soap fell to legal vulnerabilities and was readministrated twice, eventually bringing the brand to Heeling Sports Limited.
  2. Heelys inventor Roger Adams opened up his company, Heeling Sports Limited, in Carrollton, Texas, last year.
  3. Heeling Sports Limited was initially brought upon some time around 2000 to be a fathering company to the brand responsible for its existence, Heelys.
  4. Heeling Sports Limited, Adams'company, has sold almost 20 times more shoes than expected, outselling Nike, Adidas and Reebok in at least one chain.
  5. Heeling Sports Limited, the company behind the shoes with a wheel in the sole known as Heelys, realized that the grindplate could be very profitable when paired with their wheel, and acquired Soap later that year.
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