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  1. The handling is similarly nautical, with the car heeling over in corners like a well-trimmed sailboat.
  2. Unable to board the Spanish ships, the Ottoman force withdrew in the evening with another 10 galleys heeling over.
  3. Crewmembers climb out onto these boards to counterbalance the force of the sails, thus preventing the boat from heeling over.
  4. By 18 : 45, with the engine room flooded and " Viper " heeling over, she was abandoned.
  5. They battled neck-and-neck down the length of the harbor, heeling over 45 degrees as they tacked for position.
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  7. A slight error at the helm will quickly result in heeling over, due to the power produced by the high sail area.
  8. The wings allow the 49er's two-person crew to use its weight as leverage to keep the dinghy from heeling over too far.
  9. Shortly after midnight when a new watch came on duty, the ship was heeling over eighteen degrees and was felt to lurch to starboard twice.
  10. Numerous holes were blown in the conning tower and the submarine desperately attempted to flee on the surface before slowing down and heeling over, trailing oil.
  11. Although the helmsman was able to turn her, " Tay " slammed broadside into a coral reef; she slammed twice more before heeling over and filling with water.
  12. The $ 20 million motion simulator is programmed to be so real that on a recent " takeoff " from Honolulu in windy conditions, passengers could see Hobie Cats heeling over on the whitecaps below.
  13. The thrill, excitement and high you get from heeling over in a high wind is very attractive to these children who often have a high threshold for stimulation and engage in life-threatening activities on the streets,
  14. The 1933 " Gorch Fock " had already been designed to be a very safe ship : she had a righting moment large enough to bring her back into the upright position even when heeling over to nearly 90lifeboats.
  15. This maneuver exposed the Turkish galleys to more heavy gunfire which inflicted severe damage, finally forcing the Ottoman force to withdraw at 3 : 00 pm with another galley sunk, two dismasted and 17 others severely damaged or heeling over.
  16. During these operations " Lewis " was caught in the heavy typhoon of 2 June, at one point heeling over to 67 degrees . " Lewis " continued screening operations until 2 July when she was assigned to the Ulithi Surface Patrol and Escort Group, which was responsible for radar and anti-submarine services at Ulithi and providing escort services to periodic Okinawa-bound convoys.
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