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  1. By moving the crew's weight to windward, the heeling moment of the wind pushing sideways against the boat's sails.
  2. A major project is exploring a paravane to result in a non-heeling moment wing mast .'Swedish Speed Sailing Challenge'holds people effecting such paravane use.
  3. The sail-plan is also spread out between multiple masts, allowing for a comparative powerful sail area, with a low centre of effort which reduces the heeling moment.
  4. Ideally reefing does not only result in a reduced sail area but also in a lower centre of effort from the sails, reducing the heeling moment and keeping the boat more upright.
  5. For a controllable and fast gust response, the mast was carefully tuned to deflect from the top downwards with an increase in wind speed, causing the upper main to twist, reducing the heeling moment.
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  7. Any heel lesser than this angle will allow the vessel to right itself, while any heel greater than this angle will cause a negative righting moment ( or heeling moment ) and force the vessel to continue to roll over.
  8. The Bruce foil is a foil that provides a lateral resistance with zero heeling moment by placing the foil to either or both of the leeward and the windward sides, angled so the direction of the force passes through the center of effort of the sail.
  9. In a dinghy, raising the centerboard can increase the risk of capsizing during what can be a somewhat violent maneuver, although the opposite is true of a dinghy with a flat, planing hull profile : raising the centerboard reduces heeling moment during the manouevre and so reduces the risk of capsize.

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