heeled in a sentence

"heeled" meaning  "heeled" in Chinese  
  1. Stockings were sheer and shoes were unadorned high-heeled pumps.
  2. Worn with flat-heeled boots they looked comfortable and practical.
  3. High-heeled boots, they were, Texas-style.
  4. A few women wore snug skirts and high-heeled boots.
  5. Contrary to rumor, her crampons were not high-heeled.
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  7. Everything was shown with flat-heeled mid-calf boots.
  8. Gore told well-heeled donors in a Pacific Heights mansion.
  9. Subsequently, the well-heeled gaming interests backed Democrat Hodges.
  10. I heeled in some irises here, and they really liked it
  11. Why do the cane rods appeal to well-heeled anglers?
  12. Well-heeled couples have come searching for a weekend home.
  13. And he finished off everything with high-heeled motorcycle boots.
  14. The very well-heeled customers might choose to do that,
  15. And Mello's client isn't well-heeled.
  16. After a tremendous explosion, Tecumseh heeled over and sank rapidly.
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