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  1. Critics are falling over each other to heap on the praise.
  2. Both cars ended up in smoking heaps on the infield grass.
  3. Our clothing fell in disorderly heaps on the deep-pile carpet.
  4. Smoldering cars and twisted telephone cable lie in heaps on the roads.
  5. Her leather jacket and purse lay in a heap on the floor.
  6. It's difficult to find heap on in a sentence.
  7. Quick to heap on praise are the companies Noel follows.
  8. In the Bahamas, resorts continue to grow and heap on amusements.
  9. Confiscated bags of rice sat in heaps on the platform.
  10. Opening it, he found Judy Floyd in a heap on the floor.
  11. Within decades Titanic will likely collapse into a heap on the ocean floor.
  12. I'm afraid you may have one of those heaps on your hands.
  13. You shouldn't use tough times to just heap on feelings of unworthiness.
  14. That was the worst insult I ever heard him heap on a fellow human.
  15. Automobiles were tossed about like toys, stacked in crazy heaps on the roadways.
  16. George collapses in a heap on the floor.
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