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  1. He is the Scottish Conservative spokesperson for health education, lifestyle and sport
  2. Recently the Master Certified Health Education Specialist ( MCHES ) was created.
  3. She founded the university's health education department and was its first chairman.
  4. Primary causes include insufficient public awareness and lack of health education programs.
  5. It offers more than 80 support groups and ongoing health education classes.
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  7. The fallout from the 1994 Dietary Supplement and Health Education Act continues.
  8. It also plans to help administer the program and offer health education.
  9. But her motivation doesn't come from any doctor or health education program.
  10. It was formerly known as the School of Physical and Health Education.
  11. "Without solving the water problem, health education won't make much difference ."
  12. From 1987 through 1989, he taught health education at Pennsylvania State University.
  13. He also was director of the Maine Health Education Resource Center.
  14. He was the first Health Promotion Officer of the then Health Education Bureau.
  15. She graduated from Morehead State with a degree in Physical and Health Education.
  16. Should Charlestown High do less algebra, and increase health education instead?
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