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  1. He built a health care coalition, fending the powerful health insurance industry.
  2. It's a message that volunteer-dependent groups such as the Senior Health Care Coalition appreciate and applaud.
  3. They include the Niagara Health Quality Coalition in Buffalo, N . Y ., and health care coalitions in Florida and Wisconsin.
  4. She does volunteer work at the Black Health Care Coalition, for which she lectures on AIDS prevention and serves on the AIDS Counsel.
  5. Consumers " need information like Pennsylvania provides that communicates clinical data, " said Becky Cherney, president of the Central Florida Health Care Coalition.
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  7. But Lewin was hopeful that a partnership the CMA was building with the California Hispanic Health Care Coalition and a physician-owned malpractice insurance company would solve the problems.
  8. Elders spoke to more than 70 area health-care providers during the opening day of the Black Health Care Coalition's annual symposium on issues facing urban populations.
  9. Many business leaders, they said, are attending more areawide meetings, such as those coordinated by the Mid-America Health Care Coalition or the Kansas City Metropolitan Medical Response Group.
  10. The group, the Central Florida Health Care Coalition, said Thursday that it had obtained combined " clinical, financial and patient satisfaction data " on individual local doctors for the first time.
  11. In Illinois, Cathy Meckes, executive director of the Tri-State Health Care Coalition in Quincy, said her members were reporting annualized increases of 15 percent to 18 percent for the last six months.
  12. The Corporate Health Care Coalition, which represents 25 big companies, Thursday criticized a proposal approved by the Senate Finance Committee, which would gradually increase the age of eligibility for Medicare to 67, from 65.
  13. Simmons, of the health care coalition, said, " Managed care alone can't possibly fix the total problem of rising costs, falling insurance coverage and serious problems of quality of care ."
  14. Some medium-sized employers in Florida with 500 or 600 workers " are getting killed, " said Becky Cherney, president of the Central Florida Health Care Coalition, a group of large employers in Orlando.
  15. "We need to do something about the coming meltdown in health care financing, " said Larry Atkins, coordinator of the Corporate Health Care Coalition, which includes big companies that supported the Clinton health plan in 1994.
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