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  1. This headwaters area is a breeding location for amphibians including the rough-skinned newt.
  2. Much of the headwater area is composed of fen.
  3. Gladwin County is a headwaters area.
  4. Cedar Swamp is an area of more than of wetlands that include the headwaters area of the Sudbury River.
  5. Headwater areas are the upstream areas of a watershed, as opposed to the outflow or discharge of a watershed.
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  7. Typical soil depths in the headwater area range from 14 to 20 inches ( 35 to 50 centimeters ).
  8. Hunting is permitted along all of the creek that is in Ricketts Glen State Park, except for the headwaters area.
  9. Slopes within the headwaters area commonly range from 15 to 30 percent, and lower reaches have gradients of two to five percent.
  10. Then in 1994, Lake Superior Council merged with the Headwaters Area Council ( headquartered in Hibbing, MN ) to become Voyageurs Area Council.
  11. The settlement developed in the headwaters area of Mokroluaki Potok, a right tributary to the Sava river, which flows between slopes of these two hills.
  12. The longest paths begin in the upper Vorderrhein valley and the upper Landwasser valley, respectively the most western and the most eastern parts of the headwaters area.
  13. The environmentalists have also gone to court, asking a Federal district judge in Philadelphia on Tuesday to block the logging of dead and dying trees in the Headwaters area.
  14. Fish populations in most of the Grand Calumet were virtually wiped out in the 20th century, although the headwaters area continues to support sensitive native species including the Iowa darter.
  15. To improve navigation between St . Paul, Minnesota, and Prairie du Chien, Wisconsin, the Corps constructed several dams on lakes in the headwaters area, including Lake Winnibigoshish and Lake Pokegama.
  16. Trails also follow the river through Little Yosemite Valley to the headwaters area, and along Illilouette, Bridalveil, Yosemite, Alder and Chilnualna Creeks, and the lower South Fork of the Merced River.
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