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  1. But there was one headache the firm didn't discuss.
  2. See Moore get cutely sarcastic ( " Headache ?"
  3. He hasn't had a defensive headache for three weeks.
  4. Like Brian Bosworth, MSG gives some people a terrible headache.
  5. Man : Doctor, I've got this splitting headache!
  6. It's difficult to find headache in a sentence.
  7. The Finance Committee problem may give him another presidential campaign headache.
  8. And trying to get that rectified has been a major headache.
  9. He was personally responsible for giving Nikolai Borschevsky a monster headache.
  10. The Excedrin Headache Resource Center took a poll to find out:
  11. The rental industry's other headache is the airline business.
  12. Now if only I could get rid of this splitting headache.
  13. Four years ago, Reebok had a much more visible headache.
  14. But for commuters like James Cunningham, it was a headache.
  15. An Olympic-size headache for U . S . retailers.
  16. In all, it could become one big headache for Dole.
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