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  1. "I like it, " he explains simply.
  2. But he says he hasn't forgotten fundamental FIFA politics.
  3. But he says he hasn't forgotten fundamental FIFA politics.
  4. "I understand the rules, " he says.
  5. He has betrayed his team, his country and his people.
  6. It's difficult to find he in a sentence.
  7. If he keeps doing it, eventually someone might take notice.
  8. He's smart; he's tough ."
  9. He's smart; he's tough ."
  10. He moved up the corporate ladder and became president in 1982.
  11. But he did a great job engineering that deal with Delta.
  12. Finally, he arrived, and the cameras went into overdrive.
  13. Instead, he has said the nation faces an insurance crisis.
  14. It seemed he could do it in a very real way.
  15. Reisner traced testimony that he was killed shortly after his arrival.
  16. He said the actual format switch would occur in 30 days.
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