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  1. We have an obligation to provide safe haven for these people.
  2. The defense-oriented Bulgarians haven't played inspiring soccer.
  3. They probably haven't even learned to fire water pistols.
  4. "I haven't found any problems with it.
  5. Organizers haven't filed applications for a mass gathering permit.
  6. It's difficult to find haven in a sentence.
  7. It was built in the Haven Homes factory as 12 modules.
  8. The warnings haven't scared people away from the sport.
  9. "We haven't ruled out the death penalty.
  10. We haven't ruled out any penalty choice,"
  11. I haven't found anyone yet who is that good.
  12. "We haven't gained any ground,"
  13. "We haven't gone there ( shooting ).
  14. "I haven't lost any sleep over it.
  15. Haven, New Jersey, be suspended from the practice of law
  16. "I haven't made those decisions,"
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