have a bad conscience in a sentence

"have a bad conscience" in Chinese  
  1. The winners never say anything because they have a bad conscience,
  2. "I don't have a bad conscience, " she said.
  3. Twenty-five years after Roe vs . Wade, the United States continues to have a bad conscience about abortion.
  4. They came because of me . [ Otherwise ] I would have a bad conscience . . . 
  5. "We have no reason to have a bad conscience, " he said, adding Kiev had made " a stupid mistake ."
  6. It's difficult to find have a bad conscience in a sentence.
  7. "Your Honor, I have no reasons to feel myself humiliated, to have a bad conscience, " he told presiding Judge Kevin Parker.
  8. "Given the fact that Chekhov redrafted Act IV many times, and it's the act of the play that he was least satisfied with, I didn't have a bad conscience about it,"
  9. As he puts in in his essay, " All things being equal, we should be grateful for the opportunities for pleasure that life offers us, not have a bad conscience about them.

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