have a bad cold in a sentence

"have a bad cold" in Chinese  
  1. A child experiencing denasality may sound like they have a bad cold.
  2. Instead of leaving, he holed up in a Tokyo hotel, claiming to have a bad cold.
  3. If I'm having a bad cold or having a bad time, what I do is force myself onto my skates.
  4. "I have a bad cold for a few days . I didn't feel enough power to see myself with chance ."
  5. You could have a bad cold or a broken limb, or there might be an outbreak of plague or something, and you can't trust just anybody to pick out exactly the right card, the one you would have chosen, if you could have.
  6. It's difficult to find have a bad cold in a sentence.
  7. I just want to point out that the working title of my autobiography ( " Will Dr . Kevorkian Take Me If I Just Have a Bad Cold ? " ) anticipated a key finding in their recent paper in the journal Psychological Science.

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