have a baby in a sentence

"have a baby" in Chinese  
  1. My problems are compounded as I have a baby to care for.
  2. But you will have a baby who is alive in the morning.
  3. Why is it a good idea to have a baby in 2000?
  4. Did you decide to have a baby in the weeks after that?
  5. Noma had some time off 31 years ago to have a baby.
  6. It's difficult to find have a baby in a sentence.
  7. All babies have a baby book with 6 pages to unlock.
  8. Farren told Lauren that she Andy planned on having a baby.
  9. There she is not sure if she will have a baby.
  10. Aurora and Lorenzo are married and have a baby named Aurora.
  11. Can we get time off work if we have a baby?
  12. Laura forgives Ian on the condition that they have a baby.
  13. Mommy and Daddy tried for years to have a baby biologically,
  14. The couple have a baby boy Noah born February 2nd 2015.
  15. But having a baby tends to make you a spring chicken.
  16. He and his wife Suzy are trying to have a baby.
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