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  1. The innovative concept has been used by the Industry for various HAVC systems.
  2. Listed as the film's producers are : Biljana Prvanovi of the Delirium Films from Serbia, Igor Nola from the Croatian Audio-Visual Center ( HAVC ), Eva Rohrman from Slovenia's Forum Film, Vladimir Anastasov from Macedonia's Sektor Film, and Mike Downey from the UK's Film and Music Entertainment ( F & ME ).
  3. According to one of its producers Biljana Prvanovi, " Parada " cost ?1.3 million to make and its funding came from European Council's Eurimages fund, Croatian Audio-Visual Center ( HAVC ), Serbian Ministry of Culture, Slovenian Ministry of Culture, Macedonian Ministry of Culture, and embassies of Germany, the Netherlands, and France in Belgrade as well as Serbian companies Dunav Osiguranje, Prva Srpska Televizija, and Serbia Broadband.
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