hassles in a sentence

"hassles" in Chinese  
  1. Not that my own sainted parents still hassle me about herbivorosity.
  2. They don't want the hassles such disclosures might bring.
  3. "It's definitely a big hassle,"
  4. The game has been a continuing regulatory hassle for the state.
  5. So I've never really experienced racial hassle ."
  6. It's difficult to find hassles in a sentence.
  7. Most families just want hassle-free vehicles at reasonable prices.
  8. Yet for all the hassles, the service companies keep coming.
  9. Some days it may not seem to be worth the hassle.
  10. "He's had a couple of other hassles.
  11. We don't need that kind of hassle ."
  12. "It's a hassle going back and forth.
  13. "There's not the hassle of driving everywhere.
  14. To avoid the hassle, I bought less than 5 percent.
  15. In its ruling, the Court explicitly spared Clinton one hassle.
  16. "It's homeownership without the hassles ."
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