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  1. Matroid duals go back to the original paper by Hassler Whitney defining matroids.
  2. The first general definition appeared in the works of Hassler Whitney.
  3. :You are refering the the Whitney C " k "-topologies, named after Hassler Whitney.
  4. He was co-editor of the collected works of Hassler Whitney.
  5. Their son Hassler Whitney was the famous Princeton University mathematician.
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  7. Due to Hassler Whitney's invitation from Harvard University, Hsiung became a research assistant there.
  8. Hassler Whitney generalised Birkhoff s polynomial from the planar case to general graphs in 1932.
  9. It was introduced by Eduard ech in 1936, and independently by Hassler Whitney in 1938.
  10. He received his Ph . D . in 1950 from Harvard University with thesis supervisor Hassler Whitney.
  11. Simon and Mary Caroline Hassler Newcomb were themselves the grandparents of the also much noted professor of mathematics, Hassler Whitney.
  12. Robbins received a doctorate from Harvard in 1938 under the supervision of Hassler Whitney and was an instructor at New York University from 1939 to 1941.
  13. Earlier, Marston Morse and Hassler Whitney initiated and Ren?Thom developed a parallel theory of stability for differentiable maps, which forms a key part of singularity theory.
  14. The Stiefel Whitney class was named for Eduard Stiefel and Hassler Whitney and is an example of a "'Z "'/ 2 "'Z "'- characteristic class associated to real vector bundles.
  15. When mathematicians finally definitively proved in the 1970s that four colors are enough for any map to avoid two touching colors, they used methods pioneered by Tutte and another mathematician, Hassler Whitney.
  16. The works of physicists such as James Clerk Maxwell, and mathematicians Gregorio Ricci-Curbastro and Tullio Levi-Civita led to the development of tensor analysis and the notion of atlas is due to Hassler Whitney.
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