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  1. Brosl Hasslacher obtained a bachelor's in physics from Harvard University in 1962.
  2. In the 1990s, Hasslacher worked with Mark Tilden on several papers concerning Biomorphic engineering.
  3. Hasslacher built the Chateau Lodge ( later the very popular Chateau Restaurant ) off Hasslacher Boulevard ( later Chateau Drive ).
  4. Hasslacher built the Chateau Lodge ( later the very popular Chateau Restaurant ) off Hasslacher Boulevard ( later Chateau Drive ).
  5. Hasslacher helped Vanderbilt assemble plots of land in Wheatley Heights for the right-of-way for his state-of-the-art parkway.
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  7. Since Roessler and Hasslacher were focused on the production of chemicals and not interested in anesthesiology equipment, in 1914 von Foregger established his own production company.
  8. In 1994, Hasslacher's UNIX account ( bhass ) at Los Alamos National Laboratory was used by hacker Kevin Mitnick to break into computer security expert Tsutomu Shimomura's computers.
  9. The group also includes chemists at Pennsylvania State University, who have done pioneering work in self-assembly and the creation of so-called nanowires, and Brosl Hasslacher, a theoretical physicist.
  10. After Caltech, he went on to work at Los Alamos National Laboratory, where he continued his hands-on education in the position of staff physicist with Brosl Hasslacher and others on subjects such as Lattice Gas Automata.
  11. Prior to World War II Degesch derived most of its Zyklon B profits from overseas sales, particularly in the United States, where it was produced under license by Roessler & Hasslacher prior to 1931 and by American Cyanamid from 1931 to 1943.
  12. Although the group has refused to say what its first product or prototype might be, the inclusion of Hasslacher, who has done pioneering work in parallel computing, suggests that it might be aiming higher than simply creating ultrahigh-capacity computer memories.
  13. "' Peter Hasslacher "'( 14 August 1810  5 July 1876 ) was a German Jesuit missionaries who strove throughout Germany, from Freiburg to Berlin and Danzig, to reawaken and strengthen the country's Catholic forces after the stormy year of 1846.
  14. The method used until that time, the HPP model, simulated particles moving in axis-parallel directions in a square lattice, but this model was unsatisfactory because it obeyed unwanted and unphysical Hasslacher and Pomeau introduced a model using instead the hexagonal lattice which became known as the FHP model after the initials of its inventors and which much more accurately simulated the behavior of actual fluids.

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