handforth in a sentence

  1. Cheadle Hulme was also home to large parts of RAF Handforth.
  2. The Handforth Gallery displays the work of local artists year round.
  3. To the south of the ward is Wilmslow and Handforth Dean.
  4. Tesco has described its Handforth Dean store as its " flagship store ".
  5. That Handforth is even in Miami seems telling.
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  7. The first mention of Handforth is in a charter dated between 1233 and 1236.
  8. Handforth later returned to take back his job.
  9. Another 25 to 30 percent have the frequency of their seizures reduced, Handforth says.
  10. Everything from knives and forks to aircraft engines were stored and dispatched from RAF Handforth.
  11. The remaining parish in the district, Handforth, became an urban district in 1904.
  12. Renshaw was born to an agricultural family in Handforth in the county of Cheshire, England.
  13. Greenbelt campaigners protest plans to build 2000-home village on a greenbelt site at Handforth.
  14. Cheshire East proposes a new " North Cheshire Growth Village " in Handforth, near Wilmslow.
  15. These provided sleeping, eating and washing facilities for the Airmen and women stationed at RAF Handforth.
  16. RAF Handforth was a large and important storage facility, that contributed directly to the war effort.
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