handforth dean in a sentence

  1. To the south of the ward is Wilmslow and Handforth Dean.
  2. Tesco has described its Handforth Dean store as its " flagship store ".
  3. Close to this is Handforth Dean, a retail outlet consisting of Tesco Extra and Marks & Spencer.
  4. Handforth Dean has been used by footballer David Beckham and his wife, singer Victoria Beckham, in particular Marks & Spencer.
  5. The A34 Bypass joins the A555 at Handforth Dean and this road is currently being extended to Manchester Airport, due for completion in 2018.
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  7. The depot had its own shunting locomotives, which were stored in an engine shed that stood at the Wilmslow bound exit slip road for the Handforth Dean shopping centre.

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