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  1. He was a governor of Handford Hall Primary School, Ipswich.
  2. In 1864 The Wheatsheaf was taken on by Mr T Handford.
  3. It also holds the archive of steam train recordings by Peter Handford.
  4. Handford died in Tavistock, Devon, in October 1935.
  5. The Handford Device, intended to slow the Indy cars, is working.
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  7. It was erected by Earl Cadogan by 1841 and designed by Nathaniel Handford.
  8. Andretti said, referring to the Handford Device.
  9. The WCG is chaired by Bishop Clive Handford.
  10. Handford had every expectation that the Hall?conductorship would then be his ."
  11. The Handford Device is a winglike aerodynamic piece fitted onto the rear of the car.
  12. The Handford brings down the speeds some,
  13. Moore said, " The Handford Device adds a whole new dimension to racing.
  14. Mr . Handford and Carlo ran the store until 1998 when the actors left the show.
  15. In this way, the programme more closely resembles the earlier period helmed by Richard Handford.
  16. After his successful debut season, Handford appeared for Nottinghamshire again in the 1895 County Championship.
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