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  1. His sister Elizabeth married the commander at Fort Anne, John Handfield.
  2. The fort was under the command of Captain John Handfield.
  3. He married commander John Handfield's daughter Miss Mary Handfield ( 1752 ).
  4. He married commander John Handfield's daughter Miss Mary Handfield ( 1752 ).
  5. Upon his return he married his second wife, daughter of his commander John Handfield.
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  7. He became a Deputy Archivist in 2007, and worked directly under Jerry Handfield, the state archivist.
  8. Wieland and Handfield ( 2013 ) suggested that companies need to include social responsibility in their reviews of component quality.
  9. In 1758, under the command of Lieutenant-Colonel John Handfield, the regiment participated in the second siege of Louisbourg.
  10. Also in 1755, under the command of John Handfield, the 40th were engaged in the Expulsion of the Acadians from Annapolis Royal.
  11. "She was highly upset, and that may have been the anger that caused this, " Handfield said . " She called and facilitated the murders.
  12. While surveying the fort's environs, Lieutenant John Hamilton and eighteen soldiers ( including Captain Handfield's son John ) under his command were captured.
  13. The " Game On " crew included producer Don Handfield, associate producer Brian Mayer, production assistant Michael Leffler, and production associate Nicki La Rosa.
  14. Wieland and Handfield ( 2013 ) suggest that companies need to audit products and suppliers and that supplier auditing needs to go beyond direct relationships with first-tier suppliers.
  15. Many Bahamian musicians are from the islands, including The Cooling Waters, Sly Roker, Bradley Dean, Marvin Handfield, Perry Delancy, Leo Jones and Count Bernardino.
  16. Handfield was commissioned in Philipps'Regiment ( the 40th Regiment of Foot ) as an Ensign in 1720, taking up his duties at Annapolis Royal, Nova Scotia.
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