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  1. In Castle Asturias, Carlina Asturien prepares for her handfasting ceremony.
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  3. Handfasting might take place anywhere, indoors or out.
  4. Brenda accepts and she tells Bob about the handfasting.
  5. Katie attends Bob Hope's ( Tony Audenshaw ) " handfasting " ceremony.
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  7. They agree between themselves to a secret handfasting.
  8. At the end of the dance that closes the handfasting, Lew suddenly recognizes Kadarin.
  9. Privately handfasting, Alec and Abby consummate their new marriage by sharing a hallucinogenic tuber.
  10. Anna was married to Bothwell, by handfasting, while he was doing business in Denmark.
  11. Despite the validity of handfasting it was expected to be solemnised by a church wedding fairly soon afterwards.
  12. From about the 12th to the 17th century, the practice of " handfasting " was widespread in England.
  13. On the day of the handfasting ceremony, Bob proposes to Brenda, serenading her with a brass band.
  14. Handfasting was legally binding : as soon as the couple made their vows to each other they were validly married.
  15. Just as with church weddings of the period, the union which handfasting created could only be dissolved by death.
  16. Handfasting remained an acceptable way of marrying in England throughout the Middle Ages but declined in the early modern period.
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