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  1. She also studied informally with Abbott Handerson Thayer at some point.
  2. Rickey Handerson and Stan Javier hit home runs for Oakland.
  3. Artist Abbott Handerson Thayer investigated countershading color schemes to " paint out " natural shadows.
  4. Center Alama Ieremia, props Richard Loe and Craig Dowd and flanker Paul Handerson also crossed the line.
  5. The New Hampshire artist Abbott Handerson Thayer was one of the first to study and write about countershading.
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  7. Images of some of his works can be viewed at the Louise Cox, and Abbott Handerson Thayer.
  8. The artist Abbott Handerson Thayer formulated what is sometimes called Thayer's Law, the principle of countershading.
  9. Countershading was first described by the American artist Abbott Handerson Thayer, a pioneer in the theory of animal coloration.
  10. Many prominent artists stayed in the community, including Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Abbott Handerson Thayer, and Joseph Lindon Smith.
  11. Tryon traveled and sketched Europe with his wife, and met Abbott Handerson Thayer and his wife with whom he became friends.
  12. For example, Abbott Handerson Thayer's " A Virgin " ( 1892 93 ) is a well-known painted allusion.
  13. The American artist Abbott Handerson Thayer tried to show, from his own imagination, the value of the eyespots as disruptive camouflage in a 1907 painting.
  14. The book had few precedents, but to some extent follows ( and criticises ) Abbott Handerson Thayer's 1909 " Concealing-Coloration in the Animal Kingdom ".
  15. The classical form of countershading, discovered in 1909 by the artist Abbott Handerson Thayer, works by counterbalancing the effects of self-shadowing, again typically with grading from dark to light.
  16. To starboard, the ship was painted blue-grey all over, but with white in naturally shadowed areas as countershading, following the ideas of Abbott Handerson Thayer from the First World War.
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