handers in a sentence

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  1. With Strawberry, the Yankees will face more left-handers.
  2. Other left-handers haven't painted any prettier pictures.
  3. Three of those home runs came against Dodgers right-handers.
  4. All those left-handers, it works out that way,
  5. But first, Benes and Blair, both right-handers.
  6. It's difficult to find handers in a sentence.
  7. That cutter on right-handers is his bread and butter.
  8. Manager Johnny Oates wants two left-handers in his bullpen.
  9. I pitched more inside today, especially to left-handers,
  10. All 12 of his homers have come against right-handers.
  11. But right-handers are hitting just . 162 against him.
  12. McDyess missed long jumpers early and driving one-handers late.
  13. Mike and Roberto Kelly have great numbers against left-handers.
  14. Think about using a computer joystick designed for left-handers.
  15. "He's just tough on left-handers.
  16. Kelly also has hit left-handers much better than Goodwin.
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