handera in a sentence

  1. The Handera was the first Palm to provide virtual graffiti input.
  2. While no longer producing handhelds, HandEra still provides their services.
  3. Feature freaks will enjoy the Swiss Army palmtop, the HandEra 330.
  4. HandEra's second handheld was the Handera 330.
  5. HandEra's second handheld was the Handera 330.
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  7. HandEra's first handheld was the TRGpro.
  8. The tiny HandEra company ( formerly TRG Products ) has also been playing screen-resolution games.
  9. Palm OS Emulator supported Palm models produced by Palm, Handera, fork of Palm OS Emulator.
  10. Instead of including that plastic writing panel, the ingenious HandEra screen displays a perfect replica of it.
  11. In the mass market, though, I'm afraid HandEra's in for a tough time.
  12. "The cities are basically an untapped market, " said David J . Handera, the project manager for the New Haven super Kmart.
  13. Another alternative coming next month is the HandEra 330, from a Des Moines, Iowa, company of the same name ( formerly TRG Products ).
  14. At the time of production HandEra was under the name TRG . The TRGpro was made to compete with Palm, Inc .'s Palm III Series.
  15. If you want a Palm with a big, Pocket PC-like rectangular screen and a built-in voice recorder, you can get a HandEra 330.
  16. There are remains of a handera ( tomb ) near Sheikh Raoo bridge, which is believed to be burial place of Bakhar Khan, the founder of the city.
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