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  1. The Seattle left-hander had a 7-2 lead.
  2. But after that, the right-hander was virtually unhittable.
  3. It can make a left-hander's knees buckle.
  4. Navarro is a right-hander who boxes left-handed.
  5. Right-hander Salomon Torres is out for the time being.
  6. It's difficult to find hander in a sentence.
  7. Not with a left-hander against a left-hander.
  8. Not with a left-hander against a left-hander.
  9. It's easier to adapt with a left-hander.
  10. It would be nice to have a third left-hander.
  11. It was then that the proud Dominican right-hander regrouped.
  12. Palmer took batting practice against right-hander Rick Helling yesterday.
  13. The left-hander was examined, then allowed to continue.
  14. But a good left-hander could give the Indians problems.
  15. Blue Jays left-hander Al Leiter is another likely target.
  16. Disappointing right-hander Juan Guzman might become another free agent.
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