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  1. Handen is where the municipality seat of Haninge is located.
  2. The locality lies 22 km from Stockholm and 6 km from Handen.
  3. Due to the rebellion, the enforcement of Handen-Shkju was postponed.
  4. In 1648 Huygens wrote " Twee ongepaerde handen " for a harpsichord.
  5. Its seat is located in Handen, a part of the Stockholm urban area.
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  7. He then moved to the Handen Hold Colliery.
  8. The Handen-Shkju regulated land ownership.
  9. Strict application of the Handen-Shkju system decayed in the 8th and 9th century.
  10. A year after the formation Ultra was given one of the many abandoned houses in Handen.
  11. He lived for some years in Handen Road in Lee, Lewisham, south-east London.
  12. The court gathered weapons in Handen-Shkju system, on the Hayato population, who practiced communal land use.
  13. In Melodifestivalen 1990 she entered again and performed " Handen p?hj鋜tat " solo backed up by three dancers wearing partial fursuits.
  14. It attracted people from all over Stockholm ( or even further away ) to make the trip to Handen on the weekends.
  15. Schnabel was forced to crash land in a field at Handen Farm near Aldington, Kent, shortly after 10 o clock in the morning.
  16. During his time at Handen Hold, Cann became an active trade unionist, and became well-known after opposing attempted intimidation at the Castle Eden Colliery.
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