handelszeitung in a sentence

  1. Franz Humer was quoted as saying by the Swiss weekly Handelszeitung.
  2. Haeusler said in an interview with the Swiss daily HandelsZeitung.
  3. The remarks appeared in Handelszeitung, a Swiss weekly newspaper.
  4. Diviac ranked 57th in the " TOP 100 Startups " award issued by the Handelszeitung and the PME Magazine.
  5. For further meetings, the former chief editor of the " Industrie-und Handelszeitung ", Hans Gestrich, received invitations; unfortunately, he unexpectedly died in November 1943.
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  7. Switzerland's 50 largest companies last year created 22, 000 jobs abroad while eliminating 8, 000 jobs at home, according to a survey by Schweizerische Handelszeitung, a Swiss newspaper.
  8. The liberal Frankfurt Press was also predominantly anti-Prussian, especially the Frankfurt Ober-Postamts-Zeitung, founded in 1617, the Journal de Francfort, published in French, and the Handelszeitung, established in 1856.

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