handelsregister in a sentence

  1. Information about registered companies can also be downloaded online ( " Handelsregister online ", the common register portal of the German federal states ), but may require prior registration.
  2. The second tramway undertaking in Leipzig, the LESt, was founded on 3 April 1893 and entered into the municipal Trade Register ( " Handelsregister " ) on 7 May 1895.
  3. Its also told that the company ist registered in the German Trade Register ( Amtsgericht Zweibr點ken ), but on the official website https : / / www . handelsregister . de the Universum Studio cannot be found, although in Germany every GmbH "'must "'be registererd at the trade Register.
  4. It is widely accepted that a GmbH is formed in three stages : the founding association, which is regarded as a private partnership with full liability of the founding partners / members; the founded company ( often styled as " GmbH i . G . ", with " i . G . " standing for " in Gr黱dung "  literally " in the founding stages ", with the meaning of " registration pending " ); and finally the fully registered GmbH . Only the registration of the company in the Commercial Register ( " Handelsregister " ) provides the GmbH with its full legal status.
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