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  1. Each guard had one minute to overcome and handcuff his attacker.
  2. "Im thinking, handcuffs ? " said Thompson.
  3. They must handcuff the Fraph people and put them in jail.
  4. Brown testified about being brought into the station house in handcuffs.
  5. He resisted violently when they attempted to put handcuffs on him,
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  7. They put me in chains and handcuffs, the whole ballpark.
  8. At the police station, Barnabe's handcuffs were removed.
  9. But, my God, it's like golden handcuffs.
  10. Those who did not have it were taken away in handcuffs.
  11. Browning said, describing a struggle to put handcuffs on Pound.
  12. They scared her, put handcuffs on her, leg shackles.
  13. When Henley awoke, he found Corll putting handcuffs on him.
  14. He said McVeigh wriggled as if the handcuffs were too tight.
  15. He marched off to his martyrdom in handcuffs and leg irons.
  16. Pitino knows how long-term deals can handcuff a franchise.
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