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  1. The handaxe came into the antiquarian museum of John Kemp.
  2. An Acheulean handaxe from the Lower Paleolithic has been found at Hopton nearby.
  3. His symbol is a crossed longsword and handaxe.
  4. The hand axe is an ovate handaxe made from cortex, and is in near perfect condition.
  5. A more refined and later version of handaxe production was found in the Abbeville / Somme River district.
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  7. A flint handaxe was found nearby, Conyers was the first to argue that it was a human artefact.
  8. Physics then dictates a circular or oval end pattern, similar to the handaxe, for a leftover core after flake production.
  9. The more refined handaxe became known as the Acheulean industry, named after Saint-Acheul, today a suburb of Amiens.
  10. This handaxe is believed to be the earliest tool yet found in Europe; it was probably used as a knife for cutting up carcasses.
  11. Extremely archaic handaxe from the Quaternary fluvial terraces of Duero river ( Valladolid, Spain ) dated to Oldowan / Abbevillian period ( Lower Paleolithic ).
  12. As a handaxe would have been more useful than a chopper in dismembering an elephant carcass it is considered strong evidence of the Clactonian being a separate industry.
  13. It is at this time in the Archaeological record that the large, Acheulean handaxe disappears and is replaced by the core axe and chopping tools characteristic of Sangoan technologies.
  14. Theories to explain the existence of the Movius Line include the idea that perhaps the ancestors of the toolmakers who settled in eastern Asia left Africa before the handaxe was developed.
  15. With other items from Conyers'collection, the handaxe passed to the collection of Sir Hans Sloane, whose own collection was one of the founding collections of the British Museum.
  16. Flint of sufficient quality was available in the area and it is likely that the people who carved up the elephant did not possess the knowledge to make the more advanced bifacial handaxe.
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