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  1. Shovels are the biggest problem, but small hand tools can break, too.
  2. Probably the most difficult hand tool to use properly is the saw.
  3. Tool marks indicate the use of hand tools to excavate the bath.
  4. Employees won't find ancient hacksaws or primitive hand tools in the museum.
  5. The cave was constructed by unskilled tribal labourers using only hand tools.
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  7. Chisels are hand tools that have steel blades with narrow cutting edges.
  8. The astronauts will evaluate several types of spacesuit tethers and hand tools.
  9. The company manufactures hand tools and hardware products for consumers and professionals.
  10. These pieces were expensive because they were laboriously carved with hand tools.
  11. Harvesting is usually done by hand tools, even in mechanized production systems.
  12. All this is done using only hydraulic hand tools and old-fashioned muscle.
  13. Milton's tools are hand tools, some reproductions of antiques, others genuinely old.
  14. Crosscut saws are used with a variety of other small hand tools.
  15. Most Craftsman hand tools are advertised as having an unlimited lifetime warranty.
  16. Several other traditional hand tools are employed, being relatively simple to construct.
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