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  1. Minogue closed the section with a remix of " Hand on Your Heart"
  2. Claire performs her Solo " Hand On Your Heart ".
  3. Place your hand on your heart, and tell me,
  4. To dance is to put your hand on your heart and listen to the sound of your soul.
  5. Actually, right hand on your heart.
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  7. For the chart week ending 3 May 1989, chart regulations confined Kylie Minogue's song " Hand on Your Heart " to number two.
  8. An alternate version of the " Hand on Your Heart " video was broadcast on UK TV pre-release, but has never been screened again.
  9. "Kylesque " opens with a performance of PWL track " Hand on Your Heart ", where Minogue emerges on stage in front of a big heart.
  10. The debut single was " Hand on Your Heart ", which had charting success, peaking at number four in Australia and number one in the United Kingdom.
  11. Bush told the group that " when you pledge allegiance to the flag with your hand on your heart, you pledge just as hard to the flag as I do.
  12. A in his cover of Hand on Your Heart and F # in Heartbeats . ) He does the retuning himself during live performances rather than using three different guitars on stage.
  13. He looked on as 29 men and women from 18 countries took the oath, then led them in their first pledge of allegiance, directing them : " Right hand on your heart ."
  14. It featured in the " Dollshouse Medley " which featured four songs from her PWL days : " Hand on Your Heart ", " Never Too Late ", " Got to Be Certain " and " I Should Be So Lucky " respectively.
  15. Minogue's second album " Enjoy Yourself " was released in October 1989 . The album was a success in the United Kingdom, Europe, New Zealand, Asia and Australia and spawned number one singles " Hand on Your Heart " and " Tears on My Pillow ".
  16. Alongside her guest spot on the band aid single and duet with Donovan, Kylie Minogue had three further high charting entries in her own right . " Hand on Your Heart " was a number-one hit, " Sister " ( 10 ) were all top ten hits.
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