hand on to in a sentence

"hand on to" in Chinese  
  1. We knew what we had to get our hands on to make a good presentation.
  2. The groups used anything they could get their hands on to go after one another.
  3. You need everything you can get your hands on to give yourself an advantage in Formula One.
  4. Now we have to make something to hand on to the next generation, and not just subsidies.
  5. Whatever I can put my hands on to help the guys and build a better race team.
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  7. But Vohor said this week he was withdrawing his resignation, in an effort to hand on to power.
  8. This is a way of life we believe we re called to hand on to a new generation.
  9. According to Max Brod, Kafka actually gave the letter to his mother to hand on to his father.
  10. I need the contact of the pen where the words flow from the hand on to the page . '"
  11. I CONSTANTLY run vandal tools and any other tool I can get my hands on to fight the growing stream of vandalism.
  12. If they had left it at this XYZ credential, then there would have been nothing to get your hands on to be against.
  13. "The menacing mob came with sticks, stones and anything they could lay their hands on to attack the police station, " he said.
  14. On this visit, the man grabbed her, groping and knickers, then as she pushed him away, he placed her hand on to his penis.
  15. _Ross Perot is grabbing any microphone he can get his little hands on to call for a grass-roots drive to force Clinton from office.
  16. Of these modifications, Beethoven wrote : " Be sure not to hand on to anybody your quartet, in which I have made some drastic alterations.
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