hand on the torch in a sentence

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  1. Monday wasn't the first time Payne had his hands on the torch.
  2. In fact, one former Dayton resident got her hands on the torch Thursday.
  3. Later, there were both North and South Korean hands on the torch that lit the games flame.
  4. "I'm not gonna wash this glove, " said one student after getting her hands on the torch.
  5. His music video directorial debut for Us3's " Hand on the Torch " single is playing the music channels.
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  7. "If I have one hand on the torch and one on the walker, I don't know how I'm going to wave, " she said.
  8. On their debut album, " Hand on the Torch ", Us3 exclusively used samples from the Blue Note Records catalogue, all originally produced by Lion.
  9. While the album was not as well received as the debut album " Hand on the Torch ", it represented a more mature approach to jazz-rap.
  10. A new album will also be released titled " The Third Way ( Hand On The Torch Vol II ) " featuring rappers KCB, Tukka, and Akil Dasan.
  11. Two years later, it entered the US top ten and was included on " Hand on the Torch ", the first Blue Note album to achieve Platinum status ( 1, 000, 000 sales ) in the USA.
  12. 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of the release of " Cantaloop ( Flip Fantasia ) " and the album " Hand On The Torch ", and a remastered package with new remixes will be released in celebration.
  13. The commercial and critical success of groups like Digable Planets, the Brand-New Heavies and Us3, whose album, " Hand on the Torch, " has sold more than 700, 000 copies in America alone, has piqued the interest of major record companies.

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