hand on the pump in a sentence

  1. Brett Bouldin founded the group and later wrote Cypress Hill's " Hand on the Pump ".
  2. Also in 1993, Cypress Hill released a song called " Hand on the Pump, " which included these lyrics:
  3. The song " Hand on the Glock " is a re-recorded version of the song " Hand on the Pump ".
  4. "Hand on the Pump " ), the band's turntable player, DJ Muggs, played thicker and busier beats and scratches.
  5. ""'Hand on the Pump "'" is a single by hip hop group Cypress Hill, released from their self-titled debut.
  6. It's difficult to find hand on the pump in a sentence.
  7. Back in 1991, Cypress Hill managed to push titillating hot buttons with songs like " Hand on the Pump, " but it soon reduced them to a formula, with diminishing returns.
  8. The song " When the Shit Goes Down " was also included in the 2013 film " This Is the End " . " Hand on the Glock " is a re-recorded version of the track " Hand on the Pump ", from the debut album " Cypress Hill ".

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