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  1. Well, not exactly all of us had hands on hearts.
  2. We all stood at the PTA meeting, hands on hearts, facing the flag.
  3. Hand on heart; I'm not responding to any more of this guys baiting.
  4. The crowd stands reverently, many with hands on hearts and a few with tears in their eyes.
  5. He had no intention of putting hand on heart-- or reciting the pledge, for that matter.
  6. It's difficult to find hand on heart in a sentence.
  7. In 2013 it was used again for the video for the Olly Murs song " Hand on Heart ".
  8. The staccato recitation of the pledge, right hand on heart, reminded some of swearing in court, right hand raised.
  9. The pose of the woman ( hand on heart and eyes raised ) is similar to Ripa's image of Theology.
  10. The audience needed to sing the anthem and, hands on hearts, did so ardently, as if all were opera choristers.
  11. At the end, tempers cool long enough for the candidates to jump up, hand on heart, and hum the American national anthem.
  12. Schmidt, 83, was quoted as saying in extracts that appeared in the Bild daily from the book, " Hand on Heart ."
  13. "We will begin volume shipments in July, but I couldn't put my hand on heart yet and tell you when in July,"
  14. "No country in the world at this point in time can hand on heart say they are properly prepared for a potential influenza pandemic, " he said.
  15. In November 2013, English singer-songwriter Olly Murs released a music video promoting his song " Hand on Heart ", imitating the video to " Angels ".
  16. Hand on heart, I swear and depose that the first thing Moroney's Bach puppet wanted to know was : " What edition are you using ?"
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