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  1. Keep curious hands off such items as body oils may cause damage.
  2. Most observers agree that China largely has kept hands off Hong Kong.
  3. Washing their hands off the matter leaves the owner in the lurch.
  4. Just why China has kept hands off is a matter of speculation.
  5. Hands Off : Why The Government Is A Menace To Economic Health.
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  7. Rose was to formally hand off to Smith in Zagreb, Croatia.
  8. Any story about somebody blowing their hand off with illegal fireworks.
  9. But it tended to keep its hands off purely cultural events.
  10. Besides, the Steelers figure to hand off often to Barry Foster.
  11. She lifts her hands off the bars and holds them out.
  12. Would you please get your hands off Martha, Mr . Barker?
  13. Unless you hear things inside or it smells funny, hands off.
  14. The U . S . cannot just take its hands off,
  15. I am here to say keep your hands off Social Security.
  16. Then I fumbled, trying to hand off on a draw play.
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