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  1. They released their first album, " Hand Me Down " in 2005.
  2. I wore men's clothes because the boys in the pension would hand me down their old clothes.
  3. ""'Hand Me Down World "'" is a song written by Kurt Winter and performed by The Guess Who.
  4. Most modern Guisers dress in " mock posh " costume or hand me downs decorated with ribbons and tatters.
  5. "Hand Me Down Dreams, " a book by Mary Jacobsen, a Massachusetts social worker and psychotherapist, is heavier on nurture.
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  7. After the war the air cadet organization received more hand me down uniforms from the RCAF before adopting the battle dress style uniform.
  8. Particularly known for their baggy clothing, symbolising a hand me down from an older relative of a bigger build as a sign of toughness.
  9. While the songs refrain from committing outright confession, many, like " Hand Me Down " or " Baby Bird, " open themselves to a personal reading.
  10. This was followed in 1957, when Maiden teamed up with Al Simmons and Slim Green to record " Hand Me Down Baby " in Los Angeles.
  11. Mitchell worked with Melissa Mathers on " Suburban Songbook "  Mathers performed backing vocals on the songs, " Hand Me Downs " and " Wintersong ".
  12. He also had his video for " Hand Me Downs " chosen for the BBC Music Video Festival where it was broadcast on big screens across the UK.
  13. Born in April 1985 he grew up learning to play music by ear on various hand me down keyboards and organs which eventually led to him picking up his dads guitar.
  14. While still in Brother, Wallace co-wrote the eventual Guess Who hits " Bus Rider " and " Hand Me Down World " with Masters and Winter, but has never received writing credit.
  15. ""'Hand Me Down My Bible "'" is a single written by Bill Martin and Phil Coulter, and performed by The Dubliners charting at No . 7 in the Irish Charts in 1971.
  16. The Hand Me Downs, from Port Jervis, N . Y ., thrashed through an original composition called " I Want You to Hang Me " in front of a swaying, appreciative crowd.
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