hand me down world in a sentence

  1. ""'Hand Me Down World "'" is a song written by Kurt Winter and performed by The Guess Who.
  2. While still in Brother, Wallace co-wrote the eventual Guess Who hits " Bus Rider " and " Hand Me Down World " with Masters and Winter, but has never received writing credit.
  3. Band leader Burton Cummings recruited Brother guitarist Kurt Winter, who joined " The Guess Who " and took some of Brother's songs with him, including " Hand Me Down World " and " Bus Rider ".
  4. At the end of the song, Psalm 22 : 13 15 is quoted . " Hand Me Down World " and " Bus Rider " were from Winter's band Brother, but The Guess Who recorded them before Brother had ever been into a studio.
  5. They are a trio & they all sing & they write all their stuff and it s brilliant & Brother did Hand Me Down World about six million percent better than I ever did, but I was the guy who sang it for RCA and Jack and Brian & Share The Land is a genuine song in some people s hearts and there s a lot of plus signs around us.
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  7. "" By way of an introduction, drummer Vance Masters announced,  Here s some songs very special to us that I think you ll recognize, but here s the way they were supposed to be done .  With that the trio tore into Hand Me Down World, Bus Rider and Rock and Roller Steam ( with the Running Back To Saskatoon riff back where it belonged ) to an enthralled audience, most of whom were likely unaware of the musical history lesson before them " ".

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