hand down in a sentence

"hand down" meaning  "hand down" in Chinese  
  1. Two judges and three politically appointed jurors will hand down the verdict.
  2. It may hand down opinions and we may or may not concur.
  3. The maximum sentence that tribunal can hand down is life in prison.
  4. The maximum sentence the court can hand down is life in prison.
  5. The Pakistani court is expected to hand down its ruling this month.
  6. It's difficult to find hand down in a sentence.
  7. The maximum sentence it can hand down is life in prison.
  8. The Dec . 26 game at San Antonio _ hands down.
  9. Putting hands down to break a fall will abrade the palms.
  10. But many Sri Lankan judges hand down lenient punishments for offenders.
  11. I would have won that hands down a few years ago.
  12. Residents were seen pushing the piano by hand down the street.
  13. Stojko also put his hand down on a triple axel combination.
  14. She is considered " hands down the first rodeo queen ."
  15. It was not clear when it would hand down a ruling.
  16. The court is expected to hand down its verdict on Thursday.
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