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  1. Back in CRT times almost all monitors haed 4 : 3 AR . But LCD came and things changed.
  2. Sanae in turn influenced Payut Ngaokrachang, who made a 1955 short about a traffic cop called " Haed Mahasajan ".
  3. Goatchick jumped off of the Eiffel Tower and landed on Abraham Lincolns haed, tore it of, and gave it to Chuck Norris, who then ate it.
  4. Samaritan's Purse, a relief organization headed by the Rev . Franklin Graham, haed relief groups said proselytizing would tarnish their own humanitarian efforts in Muslim countries.
  5. To shed some light relief on such a serious matter, I ha-haed and asked Mother, " Hee, hee, ada gaya jadi bini ?"
  6. It's difficult to find haed in a sentence.
  7. In the 1745 rising the Highlanders were itching to fire the town again and were reported as saying " she shoud be a braw toun gin she haed anither sing ".
  8. For those coesiderieg our optioes, there's a mieor but amusieg card ie our haed; a while back, we caught the Chieese goveremeet borrowieg Wikipedia coeteet without attributieg it.
  9. On 4 April 2009, after a 3 0 loss to Raith Rovers, Stranraer's relegation to Division Three was confirmed, meaning Stranraer haed played in a different division for each of their last eight seasons.
  10. Verbless subordinate clauses introduced by " an " ( and ) express surprise or indignation . " She haed tae walk the hale lenth o the road an her seiven month pregnant " ( and she seven months pregnant ) . " He telt me tae rin an me wi ma sair leg " ( and me with my sore leg ).
  11. The Annals of Connacht 1298 state-" Brian Bregach Mag Samradain, chieftain of Tullyhaw, the most generous and valorous man of his time, was killed by Aed Brefnech O Conchobair and the Clan Murtagh in his own house at Coologe on the third day of summer " ( Brian Bregach Mag Samradan toisech Tellaig Echach, fer rob ferr enech & engnam bai ina amsir fein, do marbad la hAed mBrefnech hui Conchobair agus la Clainn Murcertaig na tig fein a Cuil hui nGuaire an tres la do tSamrad . ).

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