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  1. Haeco-CSG technology works on the basis of phase cancellation.
  2. It expects to move its operations to Haeco in June.
  3. HAECO rose HK $ 0.10 to HK $ 15.00.
  4. Azimuth alignment adjustment tools can however be used AFTER Haeco has been removed.
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  7. Some songs on the studio album were processed with the Haeco-CSG system.
  8. HAECO also has the world's largest mobile hangar, weighing over 400 tons.
  9. Highlighting its success, HAECO was floated on the Hong Kong stock market in 1965.
  10. However the Haeco-CSG processing was often applied at the master tape mix session.
  11. The Haeco-CSG process was designed to make stereophonic vinyl records compatible with mono playback equipment.
  12. Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company ( Haeco ) will take over the storage and distribution of aircraft parts.
  13. HAESL is a joint venture between Rolls-Royce Plc and Hong Kong Aircraft Engineering Company ( HAECO ).
  14. JAMco was merged with Swire / Cathay Pacific maintenance interests, to from HAECO, on 1 November 1950.
  15. One should be aware of this when attempting to remove Haeco processing and not use auto-phase options.
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