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  1. In 1892, Haecker traveled around the state to inspect creameries.
  2. Theodor Haecker wrote in 1938, " Kierkegaard fought the fight victoriously.
  3. But when Haecker found the Clarks Grove creamery, he was impressed.
  4. Theodor Haecker died on April 9, 1945 and is buried in Ustersbach.
  5. In early 1944, Haecker's house was completely destroyed during the bombing of Munich.
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  7. In 1979 the building was completely renovated for the office of Bahr, Vermeer and Haecker, architects.
  8. There is a bust by sculptor, Gerold J鋑gle atop a fountain dedicated to Haecker in Laupheim near Ulm, paid for by the local citizens.
  9. In Munich, Scholl met a number of artists, writers, and philosophers, particularly Carl Muth and Theodor Haecker, who were important contacts for her.
  10. He wrote an essay, " Kierkegaard and the Philosophy of Inwardness " in 1913 at a time when few had heard of Haecker and even fewer had heard of Kierkegaard.
  11. Haecker questions Rikard Magnussen's claim in his two books, " S鴕en Kierkegaard seen from the Outside " and " The Special Cross " that Kierkegaard was a hunchback.
  12. Alexander Dru says about Haecker's " Journal in the Night ", " This book, reminiscent in form of Pascal's " Pens閑s ", is his last testimony to the truth and a confession of faith that is a spontaneous rejoinder to a particular moment in history.
  13. Its regular contributors formed a " Hochland circle, " which included Catholic philosophers and authors such as Carl Schmitt, Theodor Schieffer, Theodor Haecker, Gertrud von le Fort, Sigrid Undset, Werner Bergengruen, Max Scheler, Romano Guardini, Peter Wust, Alois Dempf, Philipp Funk, Otto Karrer, Joseph Wittig, Joseph Hengesbach, and Heinrich L黷zeler.
  14. Would not this make the inner man, the outer, and the outer man, the inner, which is precisely what Kierkegaard so passionately protested ? " Yet, Haecker goes on the " to examine the thesis that Kierkegaard's psychological structure was influenced by his deformity . " He tried to relate Kierkegaard's inner life to his outer appearance.
  15. But Kierkegaard, the writer who holds the indispensable key to the intellectual life of Scandinavia, to whom Denmark in particular looks up as her most original man of genius in the nineteenth century, we have wholly overlooked . " Theodor Haecker wrote an essay titled, " Kierkegaard and the Philosophy of Inwardness " in 1913 and David F . Swenson wrote a biography of S鴕en Kierkegaard in 1920 . with little impact.
  16. Haecker asks,'What significance can be attached to an exterior, physical examination of someone whose work and achievements lie solely in the intellectual and spiritual realms of memory and of historical tradition and experience, as in the case of Kierkegaard ? ( . . . ) Is there any point in trying to explain the connection between Kierkegaard's physical appearance and his inner self, the purely materially visible and spiritually non-sensual and invisible?
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