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  1. So Haeck switched to cosmetic procedures that insurers do not cover, like breast enlargement.
  2. He was the son of William Feilding, 5th Earl of Denbigh, and Isabella Haeck de Jong.
  3. James Haeck, executive vice president of Cleveland-based LTV Corp ., told the House and Senate steel caucuses.
  4. In 1991, Haeck introduced a private member's bill called the " Public Sector Food Services Act ".
  5. In May 2014 the Paris Op閞a-Comique mounted a new production directed by Arnaud Meunier and conducted by Jean-Pierre Haeck.
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  7. The northern and southern transepts have a stained-glass window by Jean Haeck from Antwerp made in 1537 after drawings by Bernard van Orley.
  8. Haeck also began giving seminars at a local athletic club and appearing on local television, and he changed his advertisements to feature his cosmetic services.
  9. In 2000, Haeck campaigned to be a part of the six-member St . Catharines delegation to the Niagara Regional Council and finished seventh.
  10. Only two fights in 2003 saw the double champion add to his collection when in April 2003 he beat Belgian Jurgen Haeck for the European Union title.
  11. Dr . Phillip Haeck, a Seattle plastic surgeon, used to spend half his working hours rebuilding the breasts of cancer patients and performing other reconstructive procedures.
  12. Haeck resigned from eight managed-care networks, freeing more time for breast-enlargement procedures that he said bring in around $ 3, 800 each.
  13. Dr . Phil Haeck states, " This is a deviation in surgery that has no place for someone that has taken the Hippocratic Oath and wants to serve mankind ."
  14. Van Lierde also translated his ideas about structure into the biography of the Flemish boxer " Jurgen Haeck ", who became Champion of the European Union in 2002.
  15. Haeck, the Seattle plastic surgeon, said he shifted to 90 percent cosmetic surgery from a practice that was half cosmetic and half reconstructive, after price-cutting insurers threatened to reduce his income by 30 percent.
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