haechi in a sentence

  1. A new team, Seoul Haechi, was created to fill their spot.
  2. Seoul city has officially used Haechi ( origin of Haetae ) as the symbol of Seoul since 2009.
  3. Furthermore, Haechi's monster form strengthens him even further by granting him super-strength and invulnerability.
  4. The Osaka Hawks Dream seceded after the 2011 season and Seoul Haechi went defunct, reducing the league to three teams.
  5. If higher energies are stored inside his body, Haechi can transform into a dragon / bull creature where this transformation increases his powerful build.
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  7. A chaotic fight ensues, with the prisoners, Sun Girl, Haechi and the New Warriors forming an impromptu team that manages to defeat the small army of Evolutionaries through their diverse and very different powers and abilities.
  8. Next day, when Haechi and Sun Girl are forcefully taken to Singapore by Inhuman supremacists led by Lash, Speedball and the rest of the New Warriors go to save them, battling through all the floors of a skyscraper building filled with innocent mind-controlled people.
  9. While Justice takes Scarlet Spider and Faira on the task of cleaning the mountain of the High Evolutionary's hostile contraptions and robots, Speedball takes Sun Girl, Hummingbird and Haechi to a nearby town-with the excuse that it had been attacked-to have dinner and to take an opportunity to know better its new teammates.

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