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  1. Maybe they suspect that he considers the movie hackwork for VH1.
  2. But there's a difference between homage and hackwork.
  3. He did literary hackwork, and wrote pastorals, epics and other works.
  4. Shiel himself considered the novel hackwork, and seemed embarrassed by its success.
  5. "Half Past Dead " is hackwork of a decidedly less sexy vintage.
  6. It's difficult to find hackwork in a sentence.
  7. I've done the initial hackwork, but I will leave the rest to the enthusiasts and experts.
  8. Upon its publication in 1956, Anthony Boucher dismissed the novelization as " an abysmally banal job of hackwork ".
  9. Even in lackluster films, however, he nevertheless often succeeded in making art of what might be called hackwork.
  10. After the war he was again reduced to hackwork, writing comic-strip scenarios by the name of John Flanders.
  11. Less impressed, Alex Macpherson of " The Guardian " described the album as " heavily laboured hackwork ".
  12. Do women really find it empowering to watch this kind of earnest hackwork ?---" THE DIVISION"
  13. In contrast, many of Ricordi's competitors produced " hackwork manuscripts " in no way based on the composers'autographs.
  14. The songs are weary hackwork, the kind where you can frequently guess the next line and are disappointed when you're right.
  15. As Fante himself often admitted, most of what he wrote for the screen was simply hackwork intended to bring in a paycheck,.
  16. Brooks has clearly put more effort _ and more time _ into this album compared to the occasional hackwork that marred his last two rushed studio discs.
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