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  1. XTRA-AM re-hires Lee " Hacksaw"
  2. You can also use a hacksaw blade to cut holding nails.
  3. _Anyone else hear the interview Lee " Hacksaw"
  4. A . Try cutting the heads off with a hacksaw blade.
  5. You can also use an ordinary hacksaw to make the cut.
  6. It's difficult to find hacksaw in a sentence.
  7. April 16 : Radio's Lee " Hacksaw"
  8. Police found two hacksaw blades in the water near the statue.
  9. She also gives him a fourth hacksaw for him to escape.
  10. A manual hacksaw will take a lot off time and effort.
  11. StuRat, you don't think a hacksaw would work?
  12. The hacksaw line was subsequently parodied in an episode of House.
  13. The hacksaw is used to cut metal, not wood.
  14. Decoded, it says : Don't send hacksaws.
  15. It looks as if it were cut with a hacksaw.
  16. The El Toro situation was resolved by a neighbor with a hacksaw.
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